For hundreds of years now, the military has been an important driver of innovation, which currently occurs mainly in the field of electronics and weight reduction. Equipment must be quickly and efficiently deployable for a wide variety of purposes. The use of high-quality material types and processes contributes to this weight reduction, whilst maintaining enhanced structural strength. All this requires a unique palette of suppliers for this market. Needless to say, engineering, quality, precision and reliability play an important role in the production of components.

The defence market is a true driver of technological innovative power. Bas Schunselaar - Managing Director
Efficient and applicable

For many years, we have been a supplier of electronics enclosures, components for optical systems and suspension systems for radar and antenna equipment, among other things. These components require accuracy and finishing. Choice of material and state-of-the-art production technologies also play an important role. For this reason, we are regularly involved in preparing these components for production at an early stage.


The unique knowledge and capacities of the Micro Machining Group ensures that we are known to the Ministry of Defence as a reliable partner and system supplier. The Micro Machining Group has modern production equipment in addition to all the necessary certificates (AS9100D and AQAP 2120) as a result of which every client requirement can be fulfilled.

We would be pleased to contact you about the challenges you are facing, and discuss how we can offer support.

Food products

The market for food products is undergoing major changes on many fronts. In addition to direct effects, the increased focus on sustainability, production speed, the sharply increasing demand for customisation and the life expectancy of machines have major indirect consequences as well. This combination of factors ensures that there is a great deal more emphasis on maintenance, service and the supply of replacement components. These are issues that will be increasingly important to your clients in their purchasing decisions, and as a result of which you will be required to change along with the market. The Micro Machining Group supports you by guaranteeing the speedy delivery and quality of these components.

We supply the correct components that allow you to fully focus on the requirements of your clients. Bas Schunselaar - Managing Director
DURABILITY and reliability

In addition to supplying new installations, it is increasingly the case that installations have to be modified or complemented as a result of market developments. Naturally you take this into account when developing new installations but the modification or addition to a new installation creates completely different issues. The Micro Machining Group is happy to work with you, for example, in the use of different materials, types of processing and processes, in order to achieve targets with regard to production, sustainability and cost reduction. You can trust we supply the correct components allowing you to fully focus on the requirements of your clients.


In addition to specialising in the machining processes for stainless steel and the delivery of small and high-quality series of turning and milling parts for use in the food industry, we will also be pleased to undertake part of the assembly for you.

It goes without saying that we have all the certificates required in your market.

We would be pleased to contact you with regard to your changing market, discussing what this requires from your suppliers, and what exceptionally short lead times and quality guarantees can mean for the service you provide for your clients.



Due to the ever increasing use of mobile phones and tablets, the rise of ‘wearable computing’ and the fact that processors and electronics are used in an ever increasing number of applications, a great many opportunities are created in the semiconductor market. On the other hand, there are a number of significant threats, for if you want to maintain a share in a rapidly changing market, you are expected to keep innovating all the time. The Micro Machining Group contributes towards the innovative power of its partners by continuously innovating itself in the area of production processes, materials and chain integration.

The Micro Machining Group has distinguished itself for years in this market through its innovative power, quality and delivery reliability.Bas Schunselaar - Managing Director
OUR CONTRIBUTION to your innovation

For years now, the basis of innovation in this market has been the focus on even smaller and more precise products. Of course, for you this means that your processes and products are becoming increasingly complex, but for your suppliers this means that quality requirements and regulations are being tightened up every year. For years, The Micro Machining Group has distinguished itself in this market through its innovative power, quality and delivery reliability and feels completely at home in this demanding market. We adapt our production methods in such a way that they fit perfectly in your chain, and we work closely with you to set up all processes as efficiently as possible without compromising quality levels.

The Micro Machining Group has assembly facilities and can perform the cleaning of your components in various gradations. In addition, we have the opportunity to undertake a many types of heat and surface treatments for you. We naturally have all the certificates required to supply to your market.

Please let us know what challenges are preoccupying you at the moment; we will be pleased to let you know how we can contribute.

Oil and gas

The safe and successful extraction of oil of gas depends entirely on the equipment and materials used, while, at the same time, our entire society is fully dependent on the stable extraction and transportation of these fuels and raw materials. Yet this already demanding market is constantly moving as extraction becomes increasingly difficult and thus more costly due to various factors. The market therefore requires innovations that improve exploration, extraction or transportation. Of course, a reliable supplier is essential, but an even more important factor is a partner that contributes towards the challenge that is so essential for your position in the market. For years now, the Micro Machining Group has worked for large international players in your market that know they can rely on us, and not surprisingly, we are proud of the performance we have delivered as well as our reliability.

Innovation in the use of materials, production processes and quality control.Bas Schunselaar - Managing Director
Reliable and innovative

We are, of course, fully informed of the increasingly strict requirements in this market, and we try to anticipate these through innovation in the use of materials, production processes and quality control. The Micro Machining Group has experience and expertise in the processing of regular metals, but also works with non-magnetic materials, stainless steel, various duplex and Inconel variants and titanium. Our processes and methods naturally comply with the requirements of all the certificates that are applicable in your market.

Oil & gas

The Micro Machining Group consists of 2 companies in which a special team specializes in the market for oil and gas. This means that – in addition to the (machining) processing of the most specialized materials – we can also deal with very complex processes in close cooperation with our sister company. In addition, it is also possible to carry out the most specialized heat and surface treatments and high-end welding work by our selected partners. We are therefore able to take over a large part of the production process.

We would be pleased to contact you with regard to the challenges now facing you to discuss how we can contribute to your solution.

Measuring and calibration

The measurement and control technology market is typified by the words ‘smaller and finer’, which simply means that accuracy increases, while the dimensions of the components become smaller. This may be self-evident, but in a market where people speak of microns instead of millimetres, such requirements have far-reaching consequences for the choice of materials, processes and quality, among other elements. The Micro Machining Group makes innovations possible by working with you to develop optimised batch production of components and via its continuous innovation in the field of quality and precision.

Each new challenge ensures that the quality and precision we provide increase further. Thus, not only are we familiar with the machining processes of the most diverse and exotic materials, we also supply products that comply 100% with your quality requirements. In addition to this, providing quality means that we are also able to take care of assembly, cleaning and cleanroom packaging.

Larger numbers higher precision

Another central point of attention within the Micro Machining Group is the optimised batch production of components. This creates specific process improvements such as: reducing the number of fixtures for the product, manufacturing several components from one single unit, or the integral performance of additional production steps. These improvements lead to a significant reduction in production and material costs and significantly lower handling and transport expenditure. We will also be pleased to take care of other stages in the production process, examples being: electrochemical polishing, orbital welding and assembly.

Our problem-solving ability and our focus on quality make the Micro Machining Group an essential partner that is able to contribute towards your breakthroughs and competitive position. For a number of prestigious clients, we are an integral part of their production and development process, and we have the certificates required to supply to your markets as well.

We would be pleased to contact you about your challenges in the field of product and processes and will be delighted to show you what we can contribute.

Attractions market

Of all attractions the roller coaster is often one of the most appealing. In any event, a large roller coaster is often the crowd puller in an amusement park. As a developer and manufacturer, you are competing with several international specialists for contracts from the major operators of amusement parks. You develop attractions that are higher, faster or more exciting, yet they still have to be attractions the passenger can enjoy safely and comfortably. This requires a great deal from your engineers as their creativity is tempered by safety regulations, the laws of physics and the available materials and techniques. The Micro Machining Group partially takes care of this by developing components in conjunction with you that have the superior quality and reliability required for such an installation.

Superior reliability and quality, quickly delivered.Bas Schunselaar - Managing Director
Your attraction higher and faster

A roller coaster going higher or faster requires components with a superior degree of accuracy and finishing. Everything revolves around complying with the required level of safety and comfort. The Micro Machining Group is pleased to assist you with the development of such components and will subsequently supply them at the delivery times you desire.

We have ample experience in processing the extreme materials used in these installations. Needless to say, delivering the required certificates is not a problem. The entire process, from raw material to delivery, is set up in order to guarantee the traceability of your components, and, because of the 100% quality control, you can rest assured that the components comply with the specified quality requirements. We are also accustomed to delivering your high-quality products with short lead times.

The Micro Machining Group naturally has the certificates that are essential for deliveries within this market segment. In addition, we are constantly working on the realisation of ever shorter lead times while adhering to our superior delivery reliability.

We would be pleased to contact you about the components you require to make your roller coaster even more exciting.

Medical / Optical

When we speak of a market segment that seeks the boundaries of the technically feasible, we think of the Medical and Optical market. You probably know what is required to make the next technological advance, but it will not be practically feasible until your supplier actually delivers on that new level of quality and precision.

In the medical world, cost control is high on the agenda, for example, and you have to adapt or develop products that meet this new standard. We can assist you in choosing the right materials and can advise you on the correct processing methods and surface treatments. A good example of this is the trade-off between processing treatments. By choosing a different process it is suddenly possible to perform injection moulding on a component or create it from solid material, as a result of which a significant reduction in costs can be realised. The Micro Machining Group assists you in this process, works with you as early as in the design process and informs you about the consequences of certain choices for your end product.


We regularly receive questions from the optical world about the option of manufacturing and supplying a certain component and what has to be considered if this component is to be produced. In many cases, together with your specialists, and on the basis of your drawings, we work on a prototype component that approaches the design as closely as possible to ensure batch delivery. This is to guarantee that you obtain the product you require, but also to ensure that the component complies with your requirements in the field of quality, finishing and cost price.

The Micro Machining Group is certified in accordance with ISO 13485:2016 to supply to the Medical and Optical industries, guarantees delivery reliability and has the capacity to perform 100% quality checks. In addition, we are capable of carrying out all possible surface, heat and cleaning treatments for you.

We would be pleased to contact you in order to establish what contribution we can make towards your next technologically superior products.


We know the expression: “a well-oiled machine”, but we also know that experts in the automotive industry no longer strive for this. As it happens, we strive for the best oiled machine! We are looking for the minor improvements that ensure there is less wear and tear, that there is a better surface quality and that production costs are lower. This is an attitude that has characterised and penetrated the entire group. As a supplier to this demanding industry, the Micro Machining Group is continually searching for opportunities to optimise the process, thus achieving minor improvements. We immediately see this reflected in our production processes, but also in our stock management, delivery reliability and quality control.

We make a difference by seamlessly integrating our processes into your chain.Bas Schunselaar - Managing Director
Small improvements great results
Quality control in batches

A project that demonstrates this is our superior line for the manufacturing of components for the front forks of motorcycles. For this project, we had to meet predefined requirements in relation to material and production costs but could make a difference by limiting transportation and inventory costs and creating full integration into the client´s chain. By fully automating the line using robots we also succeeded in keeping quality at a constant level while achieving a marked increase in efficiency.

The Micro Machining Group supplies the right amount of precision mechanical components of the right quality at the right time; this is what ´just-in-time´ means to us. If necessary, we even take over additional stages from your production process to fit even better into your production chain and increase efficiency. In concrete terms, this means we are a partner that makes a significant contribution to your processes and we therefore add value.

Aviation and aerospace

The aviation and aerospace market is characterised by a number of important developments. The components are becoming ever more complex, supply chain risks are increasing and companies are focusing more and more on the global market. These trends create a situation where excelling in one single aspect no longer suffices, as the market expects both innovation and close cooperation but does not always allow the price to increase in tandem with this. The result is that client relationships have developed into integral partnerships where the Micro Machining Group integrates its processes into the chain of the client, and at the production level more and more co-creation occurs.

We would be pleased to contact you with regard to your specific challenges and will be happy to explain how we can arrive at solutions together with you.

Innovation through close collaberation

By talking to the Micro Machining Group about ideas, possibilities and wishes in an early stage, you can use our expertise and experience as early as during the development process. We will be pleased to keep you informed about essential developments within our discipline and let you know what opportunities these advances offer in terms of assembly or production, for example. We have a great deal of experience in the processing of unusual materials such as titanium and have the machines and facilities required to produce the most complex components. We will be pleased to show you a number of interesting examples of products and components bearing testimony to our capacity and expertise.

Of course, we have the certificate (AS9100D) that are required to supply to your market and, in addition to our options in terms of production, we are fully equipped to take over various processing stages from you. For example, we are capable of integrally carrying out various cleaning processes as well as a broad range of heat and surface treatments.